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Every One Apply. we are looking for level 60-80 all classes welcome for now.

What We Are. We are a leveling/raiding guild what that means we are looking for level 80 mostly but will except level 60-79.

Looking For Help. we just started this guild meaning we don't have a lot of members but we do have 2 GMs witch may seem a little weird and we are looking for someone to help with the guild meaning leading raids and helping new level 80's out also known as a helper monkey lol.
so if u think u can do that then tell us pls.

What We Don't Have. Well we don't have Vent yet but hopefully the 'helper monkey' we get will know how to use vent and set it up for us. we dont have many guild bank tabs yet or much money in the guild bank but like i said we just started out.

The 'Helper Monkey' The helper monkey is the one who helps with the guild meaning leading raids and helping guildys with info. The helper monkey must know most raid fights and done icc before. The helper monkey has all rights to the guild and guild wepsite the only thing the helper monkey doesn't have is rights to the guild bank meaning they cant take out gold till he or she is trusted.

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Shadovvtamer, May 13, 10 12:37 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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